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Ok, just a quick note with some news. If you remember a post I made the other week about and they’re great new Tribadism channel, I’ve just taken it a bit further and created a Tribadism blog, ‘RudeBlog,’ within the Rude website. I’ll use the blog to follow the Tribadism scene within Rude in terms of videos, pics, blogs and board postings.

Blog Visibility

I’ve just created a Technorati Profile, one of a number of steps I’m taking at the moment to increase the visibility of this blog and hence the website. Hopefully my efforts will get some more people interested in our niche so we can build some community and start making some noise to encourage more content. If you are interested in standing up and being counted then I suggest you head on over to the Tribadism Forum and contribute to the discussions there. Your comments are also welcome at my blog here if you have the time.

Livingroom Passion: Sapphic Erotica- Review

Producer: Sapphic Erotica
Rating: (pending)

Theres a lot of kissing in this video including a solid 2 minutes of tongue tied action at the beginning. The mics are placed so that the lipsmacking sounds can be heard loud and clear but they don’t deafen you. This video was a good length, about 20 mins, and the two girls, Zafira and Gina, are both easy on the eyes.

Video highlights include the large amount of kissing, the tidy length and a pleasing sequence where Zafira knelt on the couch with her legs apart and let Gina have a taste of her wet pussy from her position seated on the floor… hot.

The tribadism content of this video was disapointing. It barely warranted being mentioned as trib. The girls locked legs in the scissor position for about 90 seconds, not that long to begin with, but the actual pussy grinding only last for maybe 30 seconds or less. The remainder of the time, Gina rubbed her own pussy until she came. Some may dig this as it was different and its always good to see something different, but since bumping donuts is what I wanted to see, from that perspective it was a let down.

Best on set for this one is difficult to pin. In the brief stint of actual tribbing, both girls got into it but then Zafira took over so I’m going to give it to her; a very narrow victory.

Appart from the lack of trib, I had no other problems with this video. However, there wasn’t really anything that stood out for me either. Given the large amount of lesbian porn out there, it wouldn’t be difficult to find hundreds of videos of this quality. If you’re going to Sapphic Erotica on a trib hunt then I wouldn’t bother with this video, focus your downloading time on some of the videos more fitting to your tastes.

Video Information

Duration: 19:33
Models: Zafira and Gina
Trib: Open/Sitting scissors
Location: Indoors, Living Room
Categories: Type – Girl/Girl, GG – Trib, GG – Kissing, GG – Ass Licking, Tag – Original, GG – Fingering, GG – Licking

The full video is on Sapphic Erotica and you can see more of Zafira and Gina on

Scissor Sex Workout… What The?

This is something I came across when I was exploring the phrase ‘Scissor Sex’ on Google. Scissor fucking, scissor sex or just scissoring is a term for Tribadism popularised by the Dikes episode of SouthPark. Come to think of it, as a result of South Park, its probably a more widely known word to the general community than the actual term of Tribadism.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information out there for this so called ‘Scissor Sex Workout,’ apart from a short instructional video on Youtube. Basically its one of the positions in a new get fit program from a company called Srew The Gym, who sell instructional DVD’s for learning how to do a Sex Workout. The video tells us that the Scissor Positions exercises the triceps, hamstrings and abs of both participants. The company is targeting hetero couples who want to avoid ‘that horrible trip to the gym,’ and as ‘exercises for two that end in a smile,‘ but it shouldn’t be too hard to repackage the idea and sell it to the lesbian community or even females in general.

How many of you know women who go to the gym together? All you need to do is mention the scissor sex workout to them then stand back and wait for the juicy results… hopefully. Its actually not a bad idea. For me, the hardest thing about going to the gym and maintaining a program is the motivation, and what could be more motivating than sex? Genious.

Jordan Capri Tribbing- Review

Producer: Lightspeed TV
Rating: (pending)

I’m not sure of the actual name of this video… not even sure it it has a name. The three models involved are Jordan Capri, Taylor Little and Dirty Aly and the video is branded with Lightspeed TV. All three models have individual sites in the Lightspeed Media Corporation network owned and run by Steve Lightspeed. If you’ve been interested in the online teen lesbian scene as I have then you would be familiar with the lightspeed netwrok and, by association, Jordan Capri as one of their most succesful models.

My general impression of this video was ‘amatuerish,’ so much so that I’m inclined to think that it might be a kind of rough pre-release cut for promotional uses. Thats ok if thats the look they were going for but if not then its a bit of a problem, I don’t think it adds anything to the video at any rate.

The video is only about 5:45 minutes long and consists of all body on body contact. The girls start off naked and apply some baby oil before rubbing their bodies together on the floor. Its like watching a slow, erotic dance and is quite mesmerising. The girls take it in turns to be the receiver of the rubbing where the other two focus their attention on her, one rubbing on each side of her body. Jordan Capri’s curves and the way she moves her body and rubs her tits up and down Taylor little’s figure is very erotic.

The video finishes up with about 2 1/2 mintues of Tribadism where the girls take it in turns to grind each other. They use the standard sitting scissors position and continue to display their expertise in body on body contact by putting on a brief but nice show. The video rounds up with a short stretch of high energy pussy bumping and then slamming from Taylor Little to Jordan Capri, making herself cum.

As a whole its not a bad short video and a good break from your standard 20 minutes of fingering and licking. The tribbing is reasonably good quality and finishes well. I would’ve liked to have seen both or all of the girls get into it as much as Taylor did but thats ok. Best on set goes to Jordan Capri for efforts in the tribbing and those nice curves that I just couldn’t keep my eyes off.

Just as a side note; there were times when Jordan would have a look of lust and enjoyment on her face then seconds later it would be uninterested or smiling as if she were faking. Some people may dig this playful activity or even think that it makes the video more natural but it gives me the impression that the girls aren’t as into it as they want us to think. That makes for an interesting discussion, however, which I will leave for another post for another day.

Video Details

Title: Unknown
Models: Jordan Capri, Taylor Little and Dirty Aly
Duration: 5:43
Available: Lightspeed TV

Tribadism Forum Discussion

One of the things that I think is really holding back the growth of our niche is the fact that there are so many terms and definitions to describe the same thing. Its probably difficult for a potential content producer to determine how big the Tribadism market is when some people are calling it Tribadism, others say trib or tribbing then theres pussy grinding, scissoring, bumping uglies or any of the 80 other colloquialisms to describe the same exact thing. Then, once the true term is known, you have to wade through the many different defintions to decide what people really mean and want when they say Tribadism.

I’ve seen the effects of this a lot when I search the interent for videos and other trib material. There are many discussions in forums and on blogs but they’re all calling it different things so no one sees the connection between them. Thats why I was happy to launch the Tribadism Forum with a friend of mine. I’m hoping that we can develop it into a central location to discuss all things trib related and let the world know how many people actually dig this Tribadism thing. Along with that I think we need to develop some official definitions so we all know what we’re talking about.

Discussion Forums and communities can become very powerful things. The topics can become informative and information rich as they combine the knowledge of every participant and also stimulate additional thought to create a body of knowledge that is greater than the sum of its individual contributers.

Therefore I encourage you to head on over to the Tribadism Forum and show your support by at least signing up and if you have the time, contributing to the discussion.

Heres a list of Tribadism discussions I’ve found on the web:

Bedroom Trio: Sapphic Erotica- Review

Producer: Sapphic Erotica
Rating: (pending)

The video is set in the bedroom where the three girls, Kellie, Nina and Johanna have some lesbian fun before going to sleep. The video was quite long at 34 minutes, probably because there were three girls to please instead of two. I did find that it dragged on a bit, although that may be because I was specifically looking for the trib and it didn’t come until right near the end.

There was a solid four minutues of pussy grinding action in both the sitting scissors position and a brief cowgirl stint, which looked awsome by the way. I’d like to see a video where they can incorporate a third person into the trib action… something that dawned on me while watching this clip. Johanna doesn’t really have much to do at the end while Kellie and Nina are tribbing. Ideally the trib would’ve built up to the climax right before the end but they stopped short of that erotic and energetic pussy grinding level that I was looking for.

The things I liked most about this video were the three way kissing with lots of tongue… something that I think I’ll be seeing a lot more of from Sapphic Erotica; there was also some good pussy licking including some face straddling which you’ll find that I absolutely love.

On the flip side, I’m not a big fan of ass fingering and there was a fair bit of it in this video. I don’t mind ass licking, there wasn’t much of that but ass fingering just doesn’t really do anything for me personally, however I know some of you out there think its great.

Best on set goes to Nina for her nice orgasm earlier on in the video as well as her efforts in the trib scene. From the description, “She said having two girls going down on her and fingering her ass hole and pussy at the same time drove her wild.”

Video Information

Duration: 34:47
Models: Johanna, Kellie, and Nina
Trib: Sitting Scissors, Cowgirl
Location: Bedroom, Indoors
Categories: Type – Girl/Girl, GG – Trib, GG – Kissing, GG – 3 Girl, GG – Ass Licking, Tag – Original, GG – Fingering, GG – Licking, GG – Ass Fingering

You can find this video as well as many others at Sapphic Erotica. You can see more of Johanna, Kellie, and Nina on

Jordan Capri Tribbing

I’ve just been going through my trib collection, looking for videos I can review for you guys and I’ve come across something that I forgot I had. Its the full video of Jordan Capri and some of her friends doing some tribbing. We actually have a sample here on the website. I thought it would be cool for people to give their comments and impressions of the samples before I bring you my take on the full video in a couple of days. So comment away.

Rude Portal

Our most recent addition to the website is the ‘ Rude Video Portal.’ Basically its another medium through which people will have the opportunity to view all our videos. We will be progressively uploading our collection to the video sharing website, if you want to view them there you’ll need to sign up for an account.

I’d like to say that this was the plan all along but thats not exactly how it came about. I had been embedding videos from onto our pages like I had done many times before with lesbiantube, porkolt, xtube and youporn, however I didn’t realise that you need to have a rude account in order to view the video in full, if you don’t you just get a short and low quality sample. So, rather than wasting all the time spent embedding the videos I thought I’d embrace the site and hence the Rude Video Portal was born.

As I dig deeper into, its looking more and more like a good decision. They’ve gone a bit further than the standard video sharing site and created an entire adult social networking community incorporating services such as picture and video sharing, blogs, dating, downloads, stores and games. There seems to be a significant number of Trib lovers in the community with some popular blog and forum discussions taking place on the subject which have lead to an individual channel dedicated to Tribadism.

I think this is great stuff as the more people who get behind trib content on sites such as this and the more we’re going to get noticed and the more likely we are to get some more great content. You can sign up for a free Rude account here.

Hello World

Hello World, this is just a short post to mark the beginning of this blog. If you want to know a little about me, the website and what I want to achieve with this blog then read the about page. If you are new to TribVids I suggest you check out the video thumbnail gallery and information and reviews sections of the website by clicking the graphical links in the sidebar to the right.