Hairy or Shaved for Tribadism

To shave or not to shave, that is the question.  Its a question for lovers the world over and likewise with lesbian lovers who want to try tribadism.  You guessed it, its another tribadism sex guide post, however this time I’ll try and work in a trib erotica angle to keep the other half of my readers happy as well.

Most tribadism involves hard and intense grinding of the genitals and this is especially true as your passion reaches its peak.  Foreplay is always a good idea to provide lubricant for smoother rubbing, and you can supplement with your own personal lubricants for better results. The aim is to make the friction as easy and stimulating as possible, therefore it makes sense that anything coming in between, such as a full grown bush, could cause irritation.  Always remember that nothing within these guides is true for everyone, but the majority of the sources I’ve seen have said that pubes tend to get in the way of tribadism.

Although I generally prefer completely shaved (my bf and I shave all of our pubic hair), this girl had a nicely trimmed, but somewhat long and fluffy “Mohawk.” Her hair felt really nice brushing against my bare mons–at least until it became sopping wet as we ground our way to mutual orgasm.” –Diane’s post (#14, March 17 2008) on  Of course, like I said, there are always exceptions which you should keep in mind.

The other half of this topic is whether you like to see hairy or shaved girls in lesbian porn in general, and tribadism specifically.  One of the first posts on the Tangle Cats blog is about this very subject, they talk about a hairy bush being something of a rareity these days in a ‘porn industry obsessed with pubic grooming.’ I usually go for shaved or a short trim, but as you know I’m definately a fan of keeping things fresh so anything that goes against the grain of the bulk of the porn industry is a good idea in my books even if I don’t personally enjoy it.


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HIV and STD’s from Lesbian Tribadism

This is the, somewhat overdue, first post in the Tribadism Techniques series. This is a VERY IMPORTANT section as it will help you to understand and hence prevent the health risks associated with Tribadism, however, if you are mainly here to enjoy Tribadism erotica then you need not read this post.

All bodily fluids including vaginal secretions and saliva can potentially contain STD organisms so any situation where these fluids are exchanged holds the potential for STD’s to be transmitted. However, you will find very little on the internet about these risks during Tribadism because whilst The National Institutes of Health recognises that vaginal-vaginal transmission is theoretically possible, the chances are generally thought to be insignificant.

Those who prefer total protection should use dental rubber dams or plastic wrap as barriers. An alternative is to engage in Tribadism while wearing a thong or other underwear which supposedly doesn’t decrease the excitement experienced during intercourse for most women.

For the most part, the risks are low and certainly much lower than most other sexual positions, but it never hurts to be aware of the risks. Be mindful before doing, for example, a “Quickie” with an unknown partner since there is always a danger of an infection possible, as little as it might be. The NIH also recommends that women should refrain from tribadism during menstruation or when vaginal infection or disease is present.


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Makeup Seduction: Sapphic Erotica- Review

I’m trialing a different type of review this time. Its a structured review with a number of headings for different aspects of the video where I will rate that aspect and write one or two lines about it.

Producer: Sapphic Erotica
Rating: 7.4/10
Sample Videos


A relatively short video at just over 16 minutes but with two beautiful girls who don’t dissapoint. Bailey makes a note that Rene wears her own clothes for this video which I think helped make the girls feel more comfortable and the lesbian sex more natural.

Lead Up (7/10)

This is where most Sapphic Erotica movies lack but I think this video did a good job of setting the scene in a relatively brief period. You can actually see the point where the action goes from two girls putting make-up on each other to two girls who want to fuck each other.

Lesbian Sex (8/10)

No toys in this movie which was good to see. The focus was on sensuous kissing, touching and licking with only a bit of fingering. There was a solid section of face straddling followed by 69ing, both positions produce what I love to see- close proximity pussy licking.

Closing (7/10)

Would’ve been nice to finish the scene more climactically with trib but it was good to see it at the end none the less.

Freshness (8/10)

I found the large amount of kissing and touching and the good quality trib to be quite fresh and kept me interested in watching.

Tribadism (7/10)
Quality: (4/5)
Length: (3/5)

lesbian dominant tribadism

Good tribbing section in the dominant scissors position. The girls are into it right from the start and it makes for good watching. Unfortunately only 1.5 mins long.

Best on Set (Rene)

This was hard to pick, both girls got into the trib, both girls were very cute and they were both great in the scene. I’ve given it to Rene for her cute panties and straddling Johanna at the start and her hard work when Johanna straddled her face.


Total Rating: 7.4/10

Certainly worth watching, especially if you’re into sensuous lesbian sex with lots of body on body stuff and kissing. Tribadism was high quality although could’ve been longer.

Video Information

Duration: 16:14
Models: Rene and Johanna
Trib: Dominant Scissors
Location: Bedroom, Indoors
Categories: Type – Girl/Girl, GG – Trib, GG – Kissing, Tag – Original, GG – Fingering, GG – Licking, GG – 69

The full video can be found at Sapphic Erotica, also you can see more of Rene and Johanna on

Tribadism Videos on Demand

I’ve just launched a new part of the website which I told you about in my last post; a Tribadism VOD (Video On Demand) Theatre.  It ended up taking a bit longer to release than I anticipated because I’ve been quite busy this past week.  The decision to create the theatre came about by accident when I realised that Hotmovies have over 420 video tagged with ‘Tribadism’ in their library.   I was already well aware that they sold Sappho Love Films and Napali Videos‘ productions but I didn’t think they would have much else.  Boy was I wrong.  Hotmovies provides the hosting and technical side of the theatre so I can focus on finding the best Tribadism content from within their database.  As this is still early days I don’t have many recommendations for good trib movies appart from the Sappho Love Films titles.  If you know of any good ones then let me know and I’ll try and get a review together.

Tribadism Forum News

In other news, we’ve just added a new section to the Tribadism Forum especially for Porn Bloggers.  Basically, I’m inviting lesbian porn bloggers to come and share some of their content with us on the forum.  These guys routinely scour the interent for the best content so they should be able to bring some valuable stuff to the forum and they’ll also get some free promotion in the process.  If you have a lesbian porn blog and would be interested in being involved you can find more details here.

New Tribadism Videos

I’ve slipped out of my 1-post-per-2-days routine, which I had stuck to since this blog’s conception, due to a number of tribadism video delivery developments for tribvids that are coming to maturity now. One of them, which you’ll see in this post, I’ve been working on for a little while and the other is something that I created out of the blue last night and I’ll explain that in my next post.

These new tribadism videos will be sets of sample videos which have been combined into singlular movies and embedded on tribvids pages to make them easier for viewing. I’m also adding buttons below them to the Tribadism forum and social bookmarking sites to help encourage more activity within the trib enthusiasts community. Heres a screen shot of one of the new tribbing videos below.

tribadism video screen shot