Hotmovies 10 Minutes of Free Porn

I finally got around to greating an account for hotmovies which can be used for our TribVidsVOD theatre.  They have a nice promotion where you get 10 minutes of porn from any movie in their library for free when you sign up so I thought I would to get a taste of some Sappho Love Films content which I’d heard was very good.  I was more than happy with the result, I’ll definately be sampling some more of what Sappho Love Films has to offer in the near future.  Setting up the account was really easy, I’ve outlined the steps below.

Visit TribVidsVOD and click on ‘Sign Up Now To Receive 10 Minutes Free’ at the top of the screen

link to 10 minutes of free porn

Enter your details and create an account

Enter your details to create an account

Once signed in head to the TribVidsVOD home page.  Find the movie you want to watch 10 free minutes of by using the navigation options provided or the search function in the left sidebar.  I chose Tribadism Lovers.

Now simply choose your download speed and the movie will start playing.  For ‘Tribadism Lovers,’ I chose to start at Scene 3 because I could jump straight to the Tribadism- a handy characteristic of the hotmovies system.

I jumped in at Scene 3 to ensure I got to some some tribbing

Tribadism Lovers: Scene 3 Preview

It turns out that scene three was a good place to start because it began with one girl lowering herself onto the other girl’s pussy in the dominant scissors position to start some hot trib as you can see in the screen shot above.  The girls were doing something I hadn’t seen before, they were spreading their pussy lips with their hands to ensure full clit on clit contact and the camera was getting all of it in juicy closeups.

The girls were moaning and groaning in what sounded like eastern european tones (don’t think it was english) and you could see that they were really into the scissor fucking.  I can’t wait to see the rest of this movie.  When I do, I promise to bring you the full review.