New Website

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted to the blog in some time.  No, I haven’t forgotten about you, I’ve been spending a lot of time and effort re-designing and re-developing the whole website.  The new design is cleaner, easier to navigate and has a fresh colour scheme and logo.  You can browse the new site using the horizontal navigation bar at the top of each page, some notable new sections include; tribadism information pages, featured producers and this blog which has a new name, new template and will now form a more focused part of the site.

I recently caught up with Mike, the webmaster over at  As many of the avid trib (and sexfight) fans out there will know, Chickfight also under went a major site re-design recently.  If you haven’t already, I suggest you check out the new website, and below Mike explains what led him to do the redesign and what new features you will find there.

Matt: You’ve recently re-designed your site, why did you decide to do the re-design and what are some of the new features/ aspects of your site?

Mike: For almost a year I had been looking for a way to cut expenses.  When I started building my original website back in 1998 and opened it for business in 1999 it was my first attempt at doing anything on the Internet.  I started with about 15 HTML pages and then grew it bigger with each new release.  I was editing on an AVID/Macintosh back then so I built my website on Adobe GoLive, back then a Macintosh program.

In 2003 my website crashed along with my Macintosh and I couldn’t find anyone in South Florida who worked on Macs.  I rushed to Best Buy and purchased my first PC and I’ve stuck with them ever since.  There are almost too many people who are anxious to work on them.  Contrary to what Mac owners say they DO break down and need service.  At the television Studio I worked at back then we had a dozen macs and from time to time they would need service.  Of course, we were a 24 hour News/Sports/Weather Station so they were never shut down.  In my case, I wasn’t ready to pack up my Mac loaded with porn, and UPS it back to Apple.  With my PC I have a Tech who drives out to my house and works on it here in my office.

I have always been annoyed by Pay websites.  Its like going to a Strip Club and having to stand at the door and peek in.  Do I pay the cover charge or not?  I’ve always felt that you should get to view the merchandise first and then decide whether or not you wanted to purchase it.  That is why my website has ALWAYS been free.  Come on in, take a look around, have a taste and if you like what you see then buy something.  That has always been my business model.

When I introduced the free sample videoclips to my website it changed everything.  My original website cost me $49/month in hosting fees.  Once I released the free sample videoclips it quickly jumped to $99/month.  Within a year it jumped again to $199/month.  By 2005 it was $249/month.  In 2005 I heard the term “hotlinking” for the first time, a word that would change everything for the worse.

Hotlinking is when someone places a link on their website(s) that directs their members/visitors to content somewhere else on the web.  The advantage to hotlinking is that it costs nothing as it uses the bandwidth of the website at the end of the link.  This was what had happened to me.  I found a half-dozen hotlinks located in Japan, Canada, Germany, Denmark and the US.  A couple of the hotlinkers had links to my free preview clips located in their Members Area.  This meant they were charging their members for the privilidge of viewing my free sample clips and I was paying for the bandwidth.  At this point I strongly considered removing the free preview clips but can you imagine how many of my visitors would have complained?  Unless you own a website and pay the bills you wouldn’t understand how expensive it can be.  I decided to just eat the extra expense while hunting down the hotlinkers and threatening prosecution.

In 2008 a couple of things happened.  I lost Ipayment, my payment gateway that had been processing my credit cards from the very beginning.  They told me by letter that they had a policy change and were no longer servicing Adult websites.  PayPal dropped me a month later for the same reason.  I could have lied and told both companies that I was not an Adult website and kept them but that’s not my style.  If I had lied I probably wouldn’t have changed websites so it turned out to be a good thing.

All of this happened at once so I started investigating oscommerce and CRE_Loaded which was recommended to me by another webmaster.  My monthly bandwidth at the time was $299/month and was about to be increased to $399/month.  Luckily, I found a Hosting Service called Level Ten Hosting that specialized in oscommerce and CRE_Loaded who now charges me $82/month for the same amount of bandwidth I was using with my old website plus they set me up with my template and the FDMS(File Distribution Management System) that allows me to GIVE every registered visitor to my website my free sample preview clips.

This was a turning point.  Instead of visitors VIEWING my free preview clips off of my website and using my bandwidth to view them over and over and day after day, they now DOWNLOAD every clip to their own computer and view them whenever they like.  My bandwidth usage has plumetted and my costs have as well.  In this economy, if I was a PAY website that relied on monthly membership fees I would have had to close my doors and let my website go dark.

I nearing over 4,000 people registered since I switched and less than a dozen people have complained about the new template.  I know that it isn’t perfect or anything like my old website but it is a work-in-progress.  I’ve been working in HTML for 10 years and now I’m having to learn oscommerce PHP.  It is like learning a new language without a text book.  Documentation for CRE_Loaded is sparse and I have a lot to learn with a very steep learning curve.  But, with patience, my website will improve with time.

You can get your hands on the free samples too by simply registering for a free acount.  I will post more on my interview with Mike in the coming weeks.

Advanced Society?

This will just be a short update to let you know I’m still here.  I’ve been quite busy lately and won’t have much time to work on the blog and website for about another month, but when I do you can expect a major overhall and redesign.

I was recently reading a blog post involving Tribadism and the Bonobo.  “The Bonobo (IPA: /bə’noʊboʊ/, Pan paniscus), which, until recently, usually was called the Pygmy Chimpanzee and less often, the Dwarf or Gracile Chimpanzee, is one of the two species making up the chimpanzee genus, Pan.” – The Bonobo is also the closest relation to the human, but perhaps their sexual behaviour has advanced behond that of the human… “Bonobo females also engage in female-female genital sexual behavior, (tribadism), to bond socially with each other, thus forming a female nucleus of Bonobo society.”  If you read on through the rest of the wikipedia article you’ll find that they have a highly sex driven society where just about anything goes… perhaps not so desirable after all.  However, I wouldn’t mind living in a society where women used tribadism regularly as a greeting and for social bonding, would u?

Free Full Length Tribadism Videos

Below is a notice we recently posted at the Tribadism Forum.  Basically we’re looking for honest reviews of Tribadism videos and will provide you with access to the videos you are to review free of charge.

This is your chance to get your hands on full length Tribadism videos absolutely free. What we’re looking for is people to give us honest Tribadism video reviews of 400+ words. You don’t have to have any writing skills and if you’re worried about coming up with 400 coherent words in an article-type format then contact me and we’ll work out a structure that will suit you better.

In order to be accepted as a reviewer you’ll need to submit one review in our reviews section of a video you’ve already seen. If you have any questions, please ask them below.

The first step is to provide with a review of a video you’ve already seen.  Thereafter we will give you free access to the videos you are to provide reviews for.  This arrangement can continue as long as you wish to watch free videos and we wish to receive you reviews.

As outlined above, we would like the reviews to be around 400 words but they do not need to be in any kind of standard format.  A creative structure or presentation would actually be better we feel.  If you’re interested then please head over to the reviews section of the forum where you may ask questions and submit your first review.

Hotmovies 10 Minutes of Free Porn

I finally got around to greating an account for hotmovies which can be used for our TribVidsVOD theatre.  They have a nice promotion where you get 10 minutes of porn from any movie in their library for free when you sign up so I thought I would to get a taste of some Sappho Love Films content which I’d heard was very good.  I was more than happy with the result, I’ll definately be sampling some more of what Sappho Love Films has to offer in the near future.  Setting up the account was really easy, I’ve outlined the steps below.

Visit TribVidsVOD and click on ‘Sign Up Now To Receive 10 Minutes Free’ at the top of the screen

link to 10 minutes of free porn

Enter your details and create an account

Enter your details to create an account

Once signed in head to the TribVidsVOD home page.  Find the movie you want to watch 10 free minutes of by using the navigation options provided or the search function in the left sidebar.  I chose Tribadism Lovers.

Now simply choose your download speed and the movie will start playing.  For ‘Tribadism Lovers,’ I chose to start at Scene 3 because I could jump straight to the Tribadism- a handy characteristic of the hotmovies system.

I jumped in at Scene 3 to ensure I got to some some tribbing

Tribadism Lovers: Scene 3 Preview

It turns out that scene three was a good place to start because it began with one girl lowering herself onto the other girl’s pussy in the dominant scissors position to start some hot trib as you can see in the screen shot above.  The girls were doing something I hadn’t seen before, they were spreading their pussy lips with their hands to ensure full clit on clit contact and the camera was getting all of it in juicy closeups.

The girls were moaning and groaning in what sounded like eastern european tones (don’t think it was english) and you could see that they were really into the scissor fucking.  I can’t wait to see the rest of this movie.  When I do, I promise to bring you the full review.

Tribadism Videos on Demand

I’ve just launched a new part of the website which I told you about in my last post; a Tribadism VOD (Video On Demand) Theatre.  It ended up taking a bit longer to release than I anticipated because I’ve been quite busy this past week.  The decision to create the theatre came about by accident when I realised that Hotmovies have over 420 video tagged with ‘Tribadism’ in their library.   I was already well aware that they sold Sappho Love Films and Napali Videos‘ productions but I didn’t think they would have much else.  Boy was I wrong.  Hotmovies provides the hosting and technical side of the theatre so I can focus on finding the best Tribadism content from within their database.  As this is still early days I don’t have many recommendations for good trib movies appart from the Sappho Love Films titles.  If you know of any good ones then let me know and I’ll try and get a review together.

Tribadism Forum News

In other news, we’ve just added a new section to the Tribadism Forum especially for Porn Bloggers.  Basically, I’m inviting lesbian porn bloggers to come and share some of their content with us on the forum.  These guys routinely scour the interent for the best content so they should be able to bring some valuable stuff to the forum and they’ll also get some free promotion in the process.  If you have a lesbian porn blog and would be interested in being involved you can find more details here.

New Tribadism Videos

I’ve slipped out of my 1-post-per-2-days routine, which I had stuck to since this blog’s conception, due to a number of tribadism video delivery developments for tribvids that are coming to maturity now. One of them, which you’ll see in this post, I’ve been working on for a little while and the other is something that I created out of the blue last night and I’ll explain that in my next post.

These new tribadism videos will be sets of sample videos which have been combined into singlular movies and embedded on tribvids pages to make them easier for viewing. I’m also adding buttons below them to the Tribadism forum and social bookmarking sites to help encourage more activity within the trib enthusiasts community. Heres a screen shot of one of the new tribbing videos below.

tribadism video screen shot

Real Sex in Porn vs Acting and Fake Orgasms

This is actually a very interesting question which has many aspects to it. I will try to put all my thoughts on the subject here and hopefully we can get some reader input in the comments below.

Many porn producers use the description of ‘Real Sex’ to bring customers in so it must have some value. The first line from Sapphic Erotica’s webmaster, Bailey, on their ‘About’ page is, ‘What I like to see are pretty girls kissing and actually having sex with each other.’ The thought and the knowledge that the sex is really real certainly has a drawing effect which makes porn much more enjoyable to watch. However, we can pretty much all attest that the sex we see in porn is actually nothing like real life sex, as this discussion explores, and the porn industry doesn’t deny this. So what is this ‘Real Sex’ that we desire to see.

There’s an heated discussion about this on LezLove in regards to Abby Winters, an amatuer porn site that also plugs the ‘Real Sex’ aspect of their videos. When people watch porn they usually expect to see more than simply two people having sex infront of a camera, although there is a ‘home movies’ niche which provides exactly that. I think that people want to see videos where the participants are truely enjoying the sex as much as people in real life enjoy sex but they want it presented in a way which is most stimulating for them. This creates an interesting dilemma, as there are certain positions that a very enjoyable for the participants but don’t look like much on camera and vica versa. The director needs to make a decision about how much of a trade off to make between real sex and good visuals to produce the best product.

Is there a difference between sex that looks real and sex that is real? If the performance is significantly good to be beleivable, will the knowledge that its not actually real devalue the video? I would like to say yes but if we look at mainstream movies then the answer is obviously no, is it different for porn? Everybody knows that the Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker aren’t real people but that doesn’t mean the Star Wars isn’t enjoyable. However, despite what the characters in Boogie Nights want us to beleive, porn models are not actors. They may be able to throw in some fake moans here and there but I think it would take a very gifted and dedicated performer to reproduce the passion of really real sex and make it believable.

Even though there isn’t much Tribadism content in porn I’ve seen it mentioned in a few places that it is still over-represented in porn compared to the amount in real life.  Therefore, in order to get the amount of Trib that we do see, some models must be faking it or they’ll do it but not get much out of it which is the opposite of what we want.

Blog News


Ok, just a quick note with some news. If you remember a post I made the other week about and they’re great new Tribadism channel, I’ve just taken it a bit further and created a Tribadism blog, ‘RudeBlog,’ within the Rude website. I’ll use the blog to follow the Tribadism scene within Rude in terms of videos, pics, blogs and board postings.

Blog Visibility

I’ve just created a Technorati Profile, one of a number of steps I’m taking at the moment to increase the visibility of this blog and hence the website. Hopefully my efforts will get some more people interested in our niche so we can build some community and start making some noise to encourage more content. If you are interested in standing up and being counted then I suggest you head on over to the Tribadism Forum and contribute to the discussions there. Your comments are also welcome at my blog here if you have the time.

Jordan Capri Tribbing

I’ve just been going through my trib collection, looking for videos I can review for you guys and I’ve come across something that I forgot I had. Its the full video of Jordan Capri and some of her friends doing some tribbing. We actually have a sample here on the website. I thought it would be cool for people to give their comments and impressions of the samples before I bring you my take on the full video in a couple of days. So comment away.

Rude Portal

Our most recent addition to the website is the ‘ Rude Video Portal.’ Basically its another medium through which people will have the opportunity to view all our videos. We will be progressively uploading our collection to the video sharing website, if you want to view them there you’ll need to sign up for an account.

I’d like to say that this was the plan all along but thats not exactly how it came about. I had been embedding videos from onto our pages like I had done many times before with lesbiantube, porkolt, xtube and youporn, however I didn’t realise that you need to have a rude account in order to view the video in full, if you don’t you just get a short and low quality sample. So, rather than wasting all the time spent embedding the videos I thought I’d embrace the site and hence the Rude Video Portal was born.

As I dig deeper into, its looking more and more like a good decision. They’ve gone a bit further than the standard video sharing site and created an entire adult social networking community incorporating services such as picture and video sharing, blogs, dating, downloads, stores and games. There seems to be a significant number of Trib lovers in the community with some popular blog and forum discussions taking place on the subject which have lead to an individual channel dedicated to Tribadism.

I think this is great stuff as the more people who get behind trib content on sites such as this and the more we’re going to get noticed and the more likely we are to get some more great content. You can sign up for a free Rude account here.