Scissor Sex Workout… What The?

This is something I came across when I was exploring the phrase ‘Scissor Sex’ on Google. Scissor fucking, scissor sex or just scissoring is a term for Tribadism popularised by the Dikes episode of SouthPark. Come to think of it, as a result of South Park, its probably a more widely known word to the general community than the actual term of Tribadism.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information out there for this so called ‘Scissor Sex Workout,’ apart from a short instructional video on Youtube. Basically its one of the positions in a new get fit program from a company called Srew The Gym, who sell instructional DVD’s for learning how to do a Sex Workout. The video tells us that the Scissor Positions exercises the triceps, hamstrings and abs of both participants. The company is targeting hetero couples who want to avoid ‘that horrible trip to the gym,’ and as ‘exercises for two that end in a smile,‘ but it shouldn’t be too hard to repackage the idea and sell it to the lesbian community or even females in general.

How many of you know women who go to the gym together? All you need to do is mention the scissor sex workout to them then stand back and wait for the juicy results… hopefully. Its actually not a bad idea. For me, the hardest thing about going to the gym and maintaining a program is the motivation, and what could be more motivating than sex? Genious.