Lesbian Scissors Tribadism Position

The terms ‘Scissor Fucking’ and ‘Scissoring’ are probably far better known than Tribadism, because they are somewhat self explanatory. The scissor position is the most popular and well known way to bump uglies and there are many different variations and orientations which makes it the perfect place to begin our Tribadism guides series. Before we begin you should check out the preliminary articles in this series concerning safe sex and pubic hair. Also, for the purpose of these articles, ‘pussy’ means vulva and/or clitoris as this is where the contact occurs.

The Importance of Foreplay

Many girls say they don’t enjoy Tribadism because it doesn’t give them enough stimulation. Others say that the stimulation is good but you have to work too hard to get it compared to some other lesbian techniques. Therefore, foreplay is advised before engaging in Tribadism to ensure that both women’s pussies are engorged, wet and sensitive. Kissing is always a good start, followed by fondling, finger play and perhaps some cunnilingus. Both women should be wet and sensitive before the Tribadism begins.


If you can imagine getting two pairs of scissors, opening them both and then pushing the open ends together then you’ll have the general idea of how to do lesbian scissoring. There are many positions that allow the legs to scissor and the pussies to touch but the two simplest and most common are Sitting Scissors and Open Scissors. In the sitting position, both girls sit at 90 degrees to each other and at 45 degrees to the floor, while the open (or lying) position has the two girls lying flat on their backs, their heads at opposite poles.  For variation, the positions can be combined with one woman sitting and one lying. A number of other variations can be created by one, the other or both women being more dominant/ submissive (thigh riding), lying face down (inverse scissors) or changing the degree of body rotation or position entirely to create many more scissoring positions.



One woman sits, leaning back on her arms, with one leg outstretched and the other bent up at the knee. Her partner does the same but with opposite legs and they interlock so that the raised leg of one partner is over the straight leg of the other and visa-versa. Usually both girls are seated but if one partner takes a slightly more dominant position she can end up resting on her partner’s thigh. In theory the sitting position allows for hands to be free to touch and caress each other’s bodies, but in practice, all but the most flexible will need to keep their arms locked and hands pushing on the floor to maintain the pressure between their pussies.


Both women lie down and scissor their legs as described above but this time, both legs are straight out and the girl’s heads are at opposite poles. The partners can hold hands and wrists and pull to get more friction, they will also find that more friction is achievable generally with this position as both girls are fixed by lying on the floor. One popular variation is for one girl to lie face down instead of face up, I’ll detail this position further in a future article.

Pros and Cons

The scissoring positions in general and specifically sitting and lying (open) are very good for achieving full pussy on pussy contact and maintaining friction with movement, which makes them a good choice for many women. The sitting position allows the participants to gaze into each other’s eyes, watch their partner’s pleasure and sometime touch and caress; however it can be harder to maintain friction. The open position maintains friction well but only allows minimal touching of each other’s thighs, hands and wrists. Experiment to find out what works best for you and your partner.

Our next article will cover a number of the popular lesbian scissor variations. For more reading and learning check out the sources on the series home page.

Twosome, Threesome or Moresome

While I was watching a Sapphic Erotica Tribadism video which happened to be a threesome I was wondering if they could ever come up with something for the third girl to do while the other two were bumping uglies.  Then I wondered what the preferred number of girls for lesbian porn was because, in the case of Tribadism at least, the third girl isn’t adding much (if any) value to the scene so maybe it would be better off without her.

I hypothesised that although the threesome (2 girls- 1 guy) or foursome (3 girls – 1 guy) are the ultimate male fantasies to actually be involved in, when it comes to lesbian scenes, many guys might prefer to see only two girls becuase then all the focus of each girl is on each other and the scene can be more passionate and intense.  I decided to create some forum polls to test my theory.  I created polls at both the Tribadism Forum and Viv Thomas Forum and the results can be seen below.

Viv Thomas survey results
Viv Thomas survey results

Viv Thomas Survey Results

Tribadism Forum survey results
Tribadism Forum survey results

Tribadism Forum Survey Results

As you can see the results are quite heavily skewed towards fewer girls hence confirming my hypothesis.  However, I would think that group sex and orgies are still quite prevalent in hetero sexual porn preferences because it seems that often the scenes are more concerned with degrading and dominating women and about male pleasure rather than about the intense female sexual experience that we see in lesbian porn and especially Tribadism.

Scissor Sex Workout… What The?

This is something I came across when I was exploring the phrase ‘Scissor Sex’ on Google. Scissor fucking, scissor sex or just scissoring is a term for Tribadism popularised by the Dikes episode of SouthPark. Come to think of it, as a result of South Park, its probably a more widely known word to the general community than the actual term of Tribadism.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information out there for this so called ‘Scissor Sex Workout,’ apart from a short instructional video on Youtube. Basically its one of the positions in a new get fit program from a company called Srew The Gym, who sell instructional DVD’s for learning how to do a Sex Workout. The video tells us that the Scissor Positions exercises the triceps, hamstrings and abs of both participants. The company is targeting hetero couples who want to avoid ‘that horrible trip to the gym,’ and as ‘exercises for two that end in a smile,‘ but it shouldn’t be too hard to repackage the idea and sell it to the lesbian community or even females in general.

How many of you know women who go to the gym together? All you need to do is mention the scissor sex workout to them then stand back and wait for the juicy results… hopefully. Its actually not a bad idea. For me, the hardest thing about going to the gym and maintaining a program is the motivation, and what could be more motivating than sex? Genious.

Tribadism Forum Discussion

One of the things that I think is really holding back the growth of our niche is the fact that there are so many terms and definitions to describe the same thing. Its probably difficult for a potential content producer to determine how big the Tribadism market is when some people are calling it Tribadism, others say trib or tribbing then theres pussy grinding, scissoring, bumping uglies or any of the 80 other colloquialisms to describe the same exact thing. Then, once the true term is known, you have to wade through the many different defintions to decide what people really mean and want when they say Tribadism.

I’ve seen the effects of this a lot when I search the interent for videos and other trib material. There are many discussions in forums and on blogs but they’re all calling it different things so no one sees the connection between them. Thats why I was happy to launch the Tribadism Forum with a friend of mine. I’m hoping that we can develop it into a central location to discuss all things trib related and let the world know how many people actually dig this Tribadism thing. Along with that I think we need to develop some official definitions so we all know what we’re talking about.

Discussion Forums and communities can become very powerful things. The topics can become informative and information rich as they combine the knowledge of every participant and also stimulate additional thought to create a body of knowledge that is greater than the sum of its individual contributers.

Therefore I encourage you to head on over to the Tribadism Forum and show your support by at least signing up and if you have the time, contributing to the discussion.

Heres a list of Tribadism discussions I’ve found on the web: