Jordan Capri Tribbing- Review

Producer: Lightspeed TV
Rating: (pending)

I’m not sure of the actual name of this video… not even sure it it has a name. The three models involved are Jordan Capri, Taylor Little and Dirty Aly and the video is branded with Lightspeed TV. All three models have individual sites in the Lightspeed Media Corporation network owned and run by Steve Lightspeed. If you’ve been interested in the online teen lesbian scene as I have then you would be familiar with the lightspeed netwrok and, by association, Jordan Capri as one of their most succesful models.

My general impression of this video was ‘amatuerish,’ so much so that I’m inclined to think that it might be a kind of rough pre-release cut for promotional uses. Thats ok if thats the look they were going for but if not then its a bit of a problem, I don’t think it adds anything to the video at any rate.

The video is only about 5:45 minutes long and consists of all body on body contact. The girls start off naked and apply some baby oil before rubbing their bodies together on the floor. Its like watching a slow, erotic dance and is quite mesmerising. The girls take it in turns to be the receiver of the rubbing where the other two focus their attention on her, one rubbing on each side of her body. Jordan Capri’s curves and the way she moves her body and rubs her tits up and down Taylor little’s figure is very erotic.

The video finishes up with about 2 1/2 mintues of Tribadism where the girls take it in turns to grind each other. They use the standard sitting scissors position and continue to display their expertise in body on body contact by putting on a brief but nice show. The video rounds up with a short stretch of high energy pussy bumping and then slamming from Taylor Little to Jordan Capri, making herself cum.

As a whole its not a bad short video and a good break from your standard 20 minutes of fingering and licking. The tribbing is reasonably good quality and finishes well. I would’ve liked to have seen both or all of the girls get into it as much as Taylor did but thats ok. Best on set goes to Jordan Capri for efforts in the tribbing and those nice curves that I just couldn’t keep my eyes off.

Just as a side note; there were times when Jordan would have a look of lust and enjoyment on her face then seconds later it would be uninterested or smiling as if she were faking. Some people may dig this playful activity or even think that it makes the video more natural but it gives me the impression that the girls aren’t as into it as they want us to think. That makes for an interesting discussion, however, which I will leave for another post for another day.

Video Details

Title: Unknown
Models: Jordan Capri, Taylor Little and Dirty Aly
Duration: 5:43
Available: Lightspeed TV