Rude Portal

Our most recent addition to the website is the ‘ Rude Video Portal.’ Basically its another medium through which people will have the opportunity to view all our videos. We will be progressively uploading our collection to the video sharing website, if you want to view them there you’ll need to sign up for an account.

I’d like to say that this was the plan all along but thats not exactly how it came about. I had been embedding videos from onto our pages like I had done many times before with lesbiantube, porkolt, xtube and youporn, however I didn’t realise that you need to have a rude account in order to view the video in full, if you don’t you just get a short and low quality sample. So, rather than wasting all the time spent embedding the videos I thought I’d embrace the site and hence the Rude Video Portal was born.

As I dig deeper into, its looking more and more like a good decision. They’ve gone a bit further than the standard video sharing site and created an entire adult social networking community incorporating services such as picture and video sharing, blogs, dating, downloads, stores and games. There seems to be a significant number of Trib lovers in the community with some popular blog and forum discussions taking place on the subject which have lead to an individual channel dedicated to Tribadism.

I think this is great stuff as the more people who get behind trib content on sites such as this and the more we’re going to get noticed and the more likely we are to get some more great content. You can sign up for a free Rude account here.