Sensitive Tribbing: Sapphic Erotica- Review

Producer: Sapphic Erotica
Rating: (pending)

This Sapphic Erotica video starts off with two girls talking in quiet whispers on the bed. It would’ve been nice if I knew what they were saying because dirty talk is something that its typically missing from Sapphic Erotica productions. I was looking forward to watching and reviewing this movie because, as you may have noticed, it has ‘Tribbing’ in the title, suggesting that its more Tribadism orientated that their other vids.

However, despite the title, dildos are the primary focus of the video rather than Tribbing. Normally I’m not a big fan of toys but I haven’t found it a problem with Sapphic Erotica because they use them sparingly throughout their videos so it actually makes a nice change when they’re featured. The girls also managed to find a few varied positions to use them in which kept things interesting.

Both girls are good looking, Melissa is a stunning blonde and Olivia is a dark redhead. We don’t get to have a good look at Olivia’s face until well into the video which is a pitty because she is very cute. She is also by far the more vocal of the two and we are treated to her passionate moans throughout. She also gets quite into it, closing her eyes and twisting and pulling her nipples, trying to help herself get off as Melissa devours her pussy.

The Tribadism stint is a bit over a minute long and is the best I’ve seen from SE so far (although this is only my 3rd review). The girls position their pussies against one another, lay back into the open scissors position and go at it quite energetically. The video description says they “trib to loud orgasms” but I didn’t think their level of enjoyment was much higher than the rest of the video. I’m still waiting to see a video where they really build up to a climax and cum through trib, but this video was definately on the right track.

Best on set is a close call but would have to go to Olivia for vocal and passionate performance throughout. I would’ve liked to see some of the dildoing time taken up by more tribbing, but apart from that it was a solid video.

Video Information

Duration: 24:35
Models: Melissa and Olivia
Trib: Open Scissors
Location: Bedroom, Indoors
Categories: Type – Girl/Girl, GG – Trib, Tag – Exclusive, GG – Toys, GG – Fingering, GG – Licking, GG – 69

The full video can be found at Sapphic Erotica, also you can see more of Melissa on