Olivia and Melissa Sensitive Tribbing Review

3 stars

Despite the title, dildos are the primary focus of the video rather than Tribbing. Normally I’m not a big fan of toys but I haven’t found it a problem with Sapphic Erotica because they use them sparingly throughout their videos so it actually makes a nice change when they’re featured. The girls also managed to find a few varied positions to use them in which kept things interesting. The video description says they “trib to loud orgasms” but I didn’t think their level of enjoyment was much higher than the rest of the video. I’m still waiting to see a video where they really build up to a climax and cum through trib, but this video was definately on the right track. I would’ve liked to see some of the dildoing time taken up by more tribbing, but apart from that it was a solid video.

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