Nice Clit on Clit Sitting Scissors Scene

Sitting scissors tribbing from Sapphic Erotica.  The girls are right up close in this video, grinding their pussies tight together, getting some nice clit on clit scissors.  My favourite Sapphic Erotica tribber, Marcie, is also in the scene but unfortunately not in the tribbing at this point.  She still makes a good account for herself in other parts of the scene so don’t worry about that.

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Experienced Brunette Shows Younger Blonde Dominant Scissoring

This is a nice scene from Intimate Invitations from Triange Films, available in the Hotmovies Collection.  The scene you want to focus on is the 37 minute long Scene 1 which has a nice long dominant scissoring scene.  The scene is set when Jayme Lanford (red head) gets a call from her roomate telling her that she can’t pick her up from work.  Enter Ariel X (brunette), a more mature coworker who invites Jayme back to her place for a drink.  The small talk develops into a hot scene where Ariel dominately scissors Jayme with both pussy-pussy and pussy-thigh tribadism.  The scene is very hot and Jayme Cums during the scissor trib.

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Pussy to Ass Scissoring

This video proves that although Sapphic Erotica focuses on the standard sitting/open scissoring positions, thats not all they have.  If you’ve never seen pussy 2 ass then you need to check out this vid.  The official name for the position is inverse scissors as one girl is lying on her stomach.  Its still possible to get pussy to pussy contact this way but some pussy to ass is almost inevitable.  I love the look on the brunette’s face as she just takes what she is given, she has such as nice ass too, mmm.

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Hot Italian Lesbian Tribadism

This is a video from the Hot Movies archives.  Produced by Sappho Love Films, it features two hot italian girls going at it with lots of juicy tribadism and wet licking.  Heres a viewer review of the flick:

Jean Garian’s (the director) adds the finishing touch to this sort of clit to clit tribadism scenes, by capturing with his microphone the amazing sound of BOTH CLITS RUBBING AGAINST EACH OTHER. Believe me, it is not the spanking sound produced by violent, careless trib scenes; not even the moist, wet sound of two pussies mixing their fluids together… No, it is the pure and subtle sound of two clitoris rubbing together.

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Sexy Marcie Scissoring on the Kitchen Floor

Theres some nice cunny bumping in this tribadism video.  You will love the moans escaping from the girl’s mouths each time their wet pussy lips kiss together.  The blonde facing the camera is Marcie, one of my favourite Sapphic Erotica models.  She is in more than her fair share of tribbing videos and is always a pleasure to watch.  Don’t be fooled by her less than perfect body, she is all natural and she knows how to use what she’s got- she’s especially potent in her school girl outfits… and out of them :P.  Enjoy!

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Dominant Scissoring on the Couch

Heres another great tribbing video from Sapphic Erotica.  The look on Gina’s ( the blonde girl’s) face in this vid is just nasty, she looks like she really wants to get aggressive with her grinding… and if you have a look, she does.  The dominant scissor position is one of my favourites as it lends itself to combinations where one girl sits and does nothing while the other takes out all her aggression in a hot grinding session.  Theres also some nice face sitting using the couch to give us a good view.

I’ve actually seen the full video at Sapphic Erotica.  Its nineteen and a half (19:33) minutes long and is purely a toyless scene.  Theres lots of fingering and licking and Gina (blonde) actually cums while tribbing and rubbing herself- she is very vocal.  Check Out This Video and More at Sapphic Erotica- the Leader for Tribadism Videos