Tangle Cats

I came across this site while surfing the web but haven’t heard anything about them. Tangle Cats has a website and a Clip store called ‘TangleCats Tribadism & Sexfights,’ which sounds promising.

From their about page:

…the mission of this site: providing lesbian lovers, fantasy catfight fans, and missionary trib enthusiasts more footage of the shots that we desperately want but rarely see. Women tangled together, intertwined like snakes. Rolling on the floor in frustration and ecstasy. Grinding against each other, clit-to-clit, pussy-to-pussy, thigh-to-thigh, breast-to-breast. Open-mouthed french kisses, cheek mashed against cheek as tongues lash together. Lesbianity at its most intense and intimate.


The website promises missionary trib which is something that I think is lacking in the overall trib category. Anyone had any experience with these guys?

You can see clip descriptions and screen caps here.


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Default Tangle Cats

Just checked their staff – it’s great! 


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not seen this site before, will check it out

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Will look at this


Yes I am trying to get my post count up, so what?

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Default I agree.

I took a good look at this site too and simply loved the one entitled:

“Roomates & Colleagues 2: Convenient Indulgence”

I simply loved this coupling too. It’s about time that full-figured gals like these are used to show the joys of lesbian sex, not to mention hot sexy tribadism.

Now if the live action is as hot as the frame grabs, then this film should be a winner.

The only one negative thing I did notice in the frame grabs however, was a camera awareness. And that simply has to go.

(as far as I am concerned)

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Looks extremely promising.

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the Catgirl Cosplay is extremely hot… well worth the investment 

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See, I saw that and I didn’t think it worked. The girls seemed a bit too weirded out by the whole thing to get that far into it.


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