Free Full Length Tribadism Videos

Below is a notice we recently posted at the Tribadism Forum.  Basically we’re looking for honest reviews of Tribadism videos and will provide you with access to the videos you are to review free of charge.

This is your chance to get your hands on full length Tribadism videos absolutely free. What we’re looking for is people to give us honest Tribadism video reviews of 400+ words. You don’t have to have any writing skills and if you’re worried about coming up with 400 coherent words in an article-type format then contact me and we’ll work out a structure that will suit you better.

In order to be accepted as a reviewer you’ll need to submit one review in our reviews section of a video you’ve already seen. If you have any questions, please ask them below.

The first step is to provide with a review of a video you’ve already seen.  Thereafter we will give you free access to the videos you are to provide reviews for.  This arrangement can continue as long as you wish to watch free videos and we wish to receive you reviews.

As outlined above, we would like the reviews to be around 400 words but they do not need to be in any kind of standard format.  A creative structure or presentation would actually be better we feel.  If you’re interested then please head over to the reviews section of the forum where you may ask questions and submit your first review.