Tribadism Videos on Demand

I’ve just launched a new part of the website which I told you about in my last post; a Tribadism VOD (Video On Demand) Theatre.  It ended up taking a bit longer to release than I anticipated because I’ve been quite busy this past week.  The decision to create the theatre came about by accident when I realised that Hotmovies have over 420 video tagged with ‘Tribadism’ in their library.   I was already well aware that they sold Sappho Love Films and Napali Videos‘ productions but I didn’t think they would have much else.  Boy was I wrong.  Hotmovies provides the hosting and technical side of the theatre so I can focus on finding the best Tribadism content from within their database.  As this is still early days I don’t have many recommendations for good trib movies appart from the Sappho Love Films titles.  If you know of any good ones then let me know and I’ll try and get a review together.

Tribadism Forum News

In other news, we’ve just added a new section to the Tribadism Forum especially for Porn Bloggers.  Basically, I’m inviting lesbian porn bloggers to come and share some of their content with us on the forum.  These guys routinely scour the interent for the best content so they should be able to bring some valuable stuff to the forum and they’ll also get some free promotion in the process.  If you have a lesbian porn blog and would be interested in being involved you can find more details here.

How do I do Tribadism?

This is a question I see asked a lot on forums that I visit.  As is the case with all Tribadism information, there isn’t much in the way of guidance and techniques out there.   There are many women who have heard about tribbing or seen it in videos and photos and want to learn how to do it so they can enjoy it too.  Starting next week I’ll be bringing you a series of articles describing and discussing various Tribadism techniques.

One thing I’ve noticed is theres no absoluate right and wrong way to do it and each technique has many variations for women of different shapes and sizes and stimulation preferences.  The most important thing  is to lean as much as you can and try differet techniques to see what works.  From what I’ve found, most lesbian and bisexual women either love it or hate it when it comes to Tribadism with very little in between ground.  Maybe some of them are just using the wrong techniques and so aren’t getting the greatest benefits.

At this point you’re probably thinking, ‘Wait a minute, you’re a guy, what would you know about doing Tribadism?’  Yes of course I’m not a women (unfortunatley :P) and I’ve never done Tribadism myself so I can’t possibly know exactly how to do it.   However, what I can do is use my skills in research, networking and writing to bring together information fom a number of sources and construct an interesting and informative article.  I’ve provided links to all of my sources below and I encourage you to follow the links and read up on the information provided if you want more information.

Articles in this Series

  1. HIV and STD’s from Tribadism
  2. Hairy or Shaved for Tribadism
  3. Lesbian Scissors Position

My Sources (for your information)

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