Makeup Seduction: Sapphic Erotica- Review

I’m trialing a different type of review this time. Its a structured review with a number of headings for different aspects of the video where I will rate that aspect and write one or two lines about it.

Producer: Sapphic Erotica
Rating: 7.4/10
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A relatively short video at just over 16 minutes but with two beautiful girls who don’t dissapoint. Bailey makes a note that Rene wears her own clothes for this video which I think helped make the girls feel more comfortable and the lesbian sex more natural.

Lead Up (7/10)

This is where most Sapphic Erotica movies lack but I think this video did a good job of setting the scene in a relatively brief period. You can actually see the point where the action goes from two girls putting make-up on each other to two girls who want to fuck each other.

Lesbian Sex (8/10)

No toys in this movie which was good to see. The focus was on sensuous kissing, touching and licking with only a bit of fingering. There was a solid section of face straddling followed by 69ing, both positions produce what I love to see- close proximity pussy licking.

Closing (7/10)

Would’ve been nice to finish the scene more climactically with trib but it was good to see it at the end none the less.

Freshness (8/10)

I found the large amount of kissing and touching and the good quality trib to be quite fresh and kept me interested in watching.

Tribadism (7/10)
Quality: (4/5)
Length: (3/5)

lesbian dominant tribadism

Good tribbing section in the dominant scissors position. The girls are into it right from the start and it makes for good watching. Unfortunately only 1.5 mins long.

Best on Set (Rene)

This was hard to pick, both girls got into the trib, both girls were very cute and they were both great in the scene. I’ve given it to Rene for her cute panties and straddling Johanna at the start and her hard work when Johanna straddled her face.


Total Rating: 7.4/10

Certainly worth watching, especially if you’re into sensuous lesbian sex with lots of body on body stuff and kissing. Tribadism was high quality although could’ve been longer.

Video Information

Duration: 16:14
Models: Rene and Johanna
Trib: Dominant Scissors
Location: Bedroom, Indoors
Categories: Type – Girl/Girl, GG – Trib, GG – Kissing, Tag – Original, GG – Fingering, GG – Licking, GG – 69

The full video can be found at Sapphic Erotica, also you can see more of Rene and Johanna on

Livingroom Passion: Sapphic Erotica- Review

Producer: Sapphic Erotica
Rating: (pending)

Theres a lot of kissing in this video including a solid 2 minutes of tongue tied action at the beginning. The mics are placed so that the lipsmacking sounds can be heard loud and clear but they don’t deafen you. This video was a good length, about 20 mins, and the two girls, Zafira and Gina, are both easy on the eyes.

Video highlights include the large amount of kissing, the tidy length and a pleasing sequence where Zafira knelt on the couch with her legs apart and let Gina have a taste of her wet pussy from her position seated on the floor… hot.

The tribadism content of this video was disapointing. It barely warranted being mentioned as trib. The girls locked legs in the scissor position for about 90 seconds, not that long to begin with, but the actual pussy grinding only last for maybe 30 seconds or less. The remainder of the time, Gina rubbed her own pussy until she came. Some may dig this as it was different and its always good to see something different, but since bumping donuts is what I wanted to see, from that perspective it was a let down.

Best on set for this one is difficult to pin. In the brief stint of actual tribbing, both girls got into it but then Zafira took over so I’m going to give it to her; a very narrow victory.

Appart from the lack of trib, I had no other problems with this video. However, there wasn’t really anything that stood out for me either. Given the large amount of lesbian porn out there, it wouldn’t be difficult to find hundreds of videos of this quality. If you’re going to Sapphic Erotica on a trib hunt then I wouldn’t bother with this video, focus your downloading time on some of the videos more fitting to your tastes.

Video Information

Duration: 19:33
Models: Zafira and Gina
Trib: Open/Sitting scissors
Location: Indoors, Living Room
Categories: Type – Girl/Girl, GG – Trib, GG – Kissing, GG – Ass Licking, Tag – Original, GG – Fingering, GG – Licking

The full video is on Sapphic Erotica and you can see more of Zafira and Gina on