Hairy or Shaved for Tribadism

To shave or not to shave, that is the question.  Its a question for lovers the world over and likewise with lesbian lovers who want to try tribadism.  You guessed it, its another tribadism sex guide post, however this time I’ll try and work in a trib erotica angle to keep the other half of my readers happy as well.

Most tribadism involves hard and intense grinding of the genitals and this is especially true as your passion reaches its peak.  Foreplay is always a good idea to provide lubricant for smoother rubbing, and you can supplement with your own personal lubricants for better results. The aim is to make the friction as easy and stimulating as possible, therefore it makes sense that anything coming in between, such as a full grown bush, could cause irritation.  Always remember that nothing within these guides is true for everyone, but the majority of the sources I’ve seen have said that pubes tend to get in the way of tribadism.

Although I generally prefer completely shaved (my bf and I shave all of our pubic hair), this girl had a nicely trimmed, but somewhat long and fluffy “Mohawk.” Her hair felt really nice brushing against my bare mons–at least until it became sopping wet as we ground our way to mutual orgasm.” –Diane’s post (#14, March 17 2008) on  Of course, like I said, there are always exceptions which you should keep in mind.

The other half of this topic is whether you like to see hairy or shaved girls in lesbian porn in general, and tribadism specifically.  One of the first posts on the Tangle Cats blog is about this very subject, they talk about a hairy bush being something of a rareity these days in a ‘porn industry obsessed with pubic grooming.’ I usually go for shaved or a short trim, but as you know I’m definately a fan of keeping things fresh so anything that goes against the grain of the bulk of the porn industry is a good idea in my books even if I don’t personally enjoy it.


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