Sappho Love Films

Sappho Love Films is located in Italy, and you can choose English as the language to navigate their website. Their Customer Service Rep, Hillary, is pleasent to deal with. Mail service to the U.S.A. runs around $15 dollars and takes about 10 days to arrive. Alternatively you can download or rent videos from their VOD site,

From the Website (translation isn’t perfect ):

The director Jean Garian and her lesbian friend Ilary of ample mental openings, with Sappho Love Films he wants to give visibility and to promote the lesbian love without vulgarity. The films of the director are drawn by real episodes of daily lifetime that he translates in video in the least details. Jean and Ilary are people endowed with great sensibility, the same one that allows them to get some sensual films and loads of passion. To film beautiful girls in love is effortless, but it is difficult to transfer these emotions to the spectators if the restarts are not made in the correct way. The team of Sappho Love Films produces some films of women for the women, what is seen by the lesbian women and by the women of good mental opening. The women that have histories to tell and they want to be present on this site they can call the staff of Sappho Love Films.


This site has a few high quality tribadism videos. I would recommend you check out the following videos which have screen caps and reviews which you can check out:

“Tribadism Lovers”

“Lesbian tribadism”

Does anyone know of any other videos from these guys with good trib?


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I haven’t seen any of their videos yet,although I wish I did,but from what I’ve heard SapphoLoveFilms seems promising.

To answer your question I’ve read some pretty good descriptions of some trib scenes in Drink The Juice Of My Enjoyment.

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oh yeah, drink the juice of my enjoyment is fantastic. sapho love films does some really great closeups of “lip on lip ” action. something others dont seem interested in. drink the juice has a couple of intense closeups with great soundwork and precum being stretched between the 2 “lips” . could definitely go for more of that and the slowmo closeups.


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