Chickfight is a site dedicated to sexfighting, and is owned by ‘Avid Mike’. The website is free and contains plenty of free content to enjoy if you’re short on cash. He has over 35 sample videos, many sample pictures, a discussion forum, erotic artwork, erotic stories and a newsletter which are all FREE. For those who like what they see, he also has sexfighting movies for sale by either clips pay per view or DVD/ VHS.. The sexfights are legitimate and you can follow the results in the win/loss section of the website to see which women you should keep an eye on.

From the website:

Woman-to-Woman Erotic Competition – The Rules Are Simple: Each woman competes erotically until a winner is determined!


I’ve seen Chickfight reported as the “run away winner” when it comes to Tribadism videos. Joslyn is a model you should keep an eye on and have a look at the video ‘CF#074: Roxy V Joslyn 2’ as its one of the best.
You can also find some samples of their content here.

Veronica, a blonde and Alyssa, a brunette have had good matches. Veronica also does well with Josyln too.

Joslyn is the hottest there!

I would have to agree with EvolutionSelene she is fucking smoking hott!!!!!!!

Chick Fight has always been hot- but Mike is losing major points for including double-ended dildos in his DVDs. Thay really sucks. Mike, can we get back to basics please?

I’ve been a Chickfight fan/customer since it’s start years ago and I still think it’s the best Trib producer out there. I met Mike once and you can’t meet a nicer guy. But, I have to agree about the dildos … not for me at all and I won’t spend $70.00 for a DVD if there is one used for only five minutes even if my favorite girls were in it , it’s that much of a turn off for me.

Otherwise, a lot of his stuff is stuff I only dreamed to see years ago. Joslyn and her squatting ‘clit fight’ position was a step in another dimension as far as I’m concerned, LOL. I’m surprised the other producers haven’t picked up on it and started using it too.

The clit fights Joslyn has had like this with Veronica, Alissa and Rachel with Mike’s incredible close ups of the action are what the other producers should be shooting for ( no pun intended , LOL ). His newest one ( Joslyn vs Arianna) looks like another hot one hot utilizing the ” Joslyn Squat ” so I might have to treat myself

Post from ‘avidmike’ who is the creator of ‘Chickfight’;

Dildos and Joslyn’s Squat

I just found this thread so excuse me for not answering sooner. I’m usually pretty good and replying.

First, the double-dildo arrived as a result of another Producer introducing a strap-on dildo in his videos. I’ve not seen any of his videos but I received quite a bit of email suggesting that the winner in my video should use a strap-on to humiliate the loser.

I’m not into humiliating my friends or even watching one of my friends being humiliated. The women I work with, most of them anyway, are my friends and I look forward to working with them as much as possible. I honestly produce my videos for myself allowing my sponsors to choose the rules. I had a sponsor request a couple of years ago for the strap-on and I thought about it for a long time. My sole interest in producing my videos is erotic competition and I just couldn’t get excited about watching a strap-on encounter.

Finally, after much discussion with the sponsor I convinced him that a double-dildo could, at least, be competitive and he agreed. Hence the double-dildo was introduced. Yes, I received several emails from customers and fans who dislike the double-dildo but it is not used in every video I produce. It is used only if the sponsor (or the women) request it. It has been said that “you can’t please everyone all of the time” and that is so true.

Secondly, Joslyn’s “squat” was introduced for the first time in Joslyn’s first sexfight with Mishell (CF038) and I must admit I had never seen anything like it before or since. Joslyn has a very large clit and she loves direct clit-on-clit contact. I’m sure we will continue to experience it as long as she cares to share it with us.



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