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CW also has sample clips for many of their movies. The clips are offered as streaming files which means they are meant to be viewed in the web page but its easy enough to download the clips if you know what you’re doing.

To find the clips visit the Vod Titles section of the website, click on the ‘more information’ link under the video you want to view, eg. My Sister’s Lover, then click on the video you want to view, either 150K or 360K (videos are about 2 mins long).

If you want to download the files for keepsies then use this guide and you’ll need RealPlayer to view them.

Here are some download links extracted from using the guide:

  1. My Sister’s Lover
  2. The Perfect Roommate
  3. Ambition


From the Tribadism Forum Archive

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From California Wildcats:

Ambition stars Penny Flame and Charlie Laine, with a cameo by Penthouse Pet Jana Cova.

Penny and Charlie are co-eds, and Penny is dragging roommate Charlie kicking and screaming through Calculus 101. They are both starving students, yet their pal Jana never has to worry. Her secret? She’s a porn star!

Charlie and Penny want a crack at the big time– glamour, easy money, and hot sex– but they learn it comes at a cost. Two gentle lovers become sex-crazed whores in an intensely competitive audition, and their friendship hangs in the balance.

The DVD—and only the DVD!—contains bonus footage: an alternate ending with a close up of the never-before-seen amazing quivering pussy! Not to be missed!

Two sex scenes with very different moods– tender kisses and hard bites, spectacular cunnilingus and ecstatic 69; tribadism both rough and sensuous.

If you like your girls young and your sex blinding hot, Ambition should top your list of “must-sees” in 2004!


Heres a customer review from LezLoveVideo:

Some of the best trib on tape in my lesbians’ opinions. They commented that it was the most realistic trib they have watched, and for that they believe this is a great piece of work flaws and all. They just flipped out over the trib because that is their hot button. They hope the movie makers use women with large clits to repeat this category of films. All and all, I received the most feedback from them on this movie. My lesbian friends are professionals and work in a religious town; hence, the review.

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From the Tribadism Forum Archive

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