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Overview is owned by the company DWW and their websites are intermingled. The website works on a credits system rather than an individual DVD purchase or membership system. Credits purchased can be used in all parts of the DWW site including Tribgirls. DWW stands for Danube Women Wrestling and they produce content that falls under the broad Catfight category. produces videos that are particularly trib-style erotic. This review will deal with DWW generally and then look at Tribgirls specifically.



This is not a membership site, as Sapphic Erotica is, so you don’t pay monthly fees. At Tribgirls you pay to download videos from the internet onto your computer. You don't buy individual videos, you buy time Credits. Each Credit is calculated to represent about 3 to 5 minutes of video playing time, according to the category and quality of the video on offer.

Your Credits are stored in an Account which is accessible with a username and password. The number of Credits needed to download any particular video is indicated next to the video title on the page with the DOWNLOAD button. When you want to download a specific video, the required number of Credits will be debited from your Account and you can begin downloading. This system, like many things at Tribgirls, is different to what you find at your average membership site and may take some time to get used to; however there are many advantages. The time credit system means that you only ever pay for content that you want and there are no constant membership fees draining your bank account.

Tribgirls is not intended for those with slow internet connections or limited hard drive space. Video files are in WMV format with sizes ranging from 30MB to 150MB. Downloading videos with a slow connection could take days rather than minutes. If anyone is unsure about their internet capabilities I suggest that you download the test video on the website. There is an option, however, for those with slower internet connections. You can opt to buy any 6 Tribgirls videos on a DVD (playable only on your PC) which will be delivered to you.

The website navigation is a bit hard to get your head around at first but you get used to it. The videos are divided by collection, more of which I will speak about in the content section. You can browse each collection as well as look at new movies or do a search through the buttons in the menu at the top of the page (below the Tribgirls header). Each video comes with preview pics, a 1-2 minute preview clip, description, self rating and customer reviews, all of which is available before spending any credits.



DWW regularly changes the list of available videos. Videos are withdrawn after the "Close Date" and replaced with new titles. You can click on "New Releases" to see what is new right now. Click on "Coming Attractions" to see which titles will be available in the coming months.

DWW stands for Danube Women Wrestling and they produce content that falls under the broad Catfight category. All DWW content can be classified under four collections; Erotic Wrestling, HPC, Tribgirls and Other. All the collections have potential for Tribadism content, while Tribgirls is specifically focused on it. I will discuss the nature of all DWW content, then the Tribgirls content under that heading, followed by the content of the other three collections under the heading ‘Other Content.’


All DWW Content
Most of the videos are f/f but there are some f/f/f. The girls are European and English isn’t spoken much in the videos, but they do have subtitles for some of the juicy lines. The catfight confrontations can be broken into three sub categories; wrestling, sex fight or pussy fight. The definitions below, taken from the website, explain each in more detail and outline how they might develop into Tribadism.

Wrestling is not tribadism by definition. Since it is a sport, no sexual elements exist. However, as an erotic foreplay, wrestling each other can be certainly erotic, and some of its accidental positions could be quite similar to tribadism. If two females move each other into tribadistic positions during an erotic wrestling match, perhaps sometimes even by accident, and if the two females like and agree to enjoy their bodies, then sometimes they will end up in tribadism. Ideally this kind of competitive tribadism will end in mutual orgasms for both women.

Sex Fight
Any sexfight can emerge from a wrestling match between two confident women who enjoy their bodies, enjoy competing and who enjoy comparing each other’s strength and muscles. This kind of intimate sporting activity can sometimes, if agreed to, lead to exciting tribadism. Of course, most sexfights will not and do not have anything in common with wrestling. A sexfight is always some sort of competition between two rival women who decide to settle it in an erotic competition. The everlasting question therefore is: "Who is the better woman?" Usually, it is agreed that the loser is the woman who comes first. A sexfight does not always show any form of tribadism. Some women prefer other lesbian positions or even sextoys to decide their sexfights. However, if we're talking on this website about a sexfight then we shall have either tribadism and/or wrestling positions paramount. The minimum requirement for a sexfight, however, is that there always must be a rivalry between the two women, not unlike this question: "Who is the better woman?"

Pussy Fight
The so called pussyfight is a sole lesbian, tribadistic competition between two women. Both women will try to use many different trib positions either to make their opponent submit or to make her come first. It is perhaps the softest, but, for the two females, most sexually exciting form of a catfight.


Top Content
Downloads released under contain catfights which develop into trib-style erotica. Therefore, their trib content is quite different from that of sites like Sapphic Erotica. I think the word that best describes the tribadism is ‘aggressive.’ Almost all the videos start off as some kind of catfight and develop, by the ways outlined above, into some aggressive and energetic tribadism in a variety of positions.

The self rating under each Tribgirls video lets you know what else is in the video and the quality of it. Aspects of Tribadism, Wrestling, Competitiveness, Beauty and Erotica are rated out of five and a simple yes or no is given to indicate whether the video contains kissing.

Tribgirls Sample Video



Other Content
Tribgirls is only one of the collections of DWW and remember that credits purchased can be used for downloads in all four collections. Here’s an outline of what each of the other 3 collections contains.
  • Erotic Wrestling: Videos that are at least partly erotic nude female wrestling matches.
  • HPC: Videos from the Hungarian Private Collection that could contain any of the types of content mentioned above as well as some others.
  • Other: Contains female vs. female erotic downloads dealing with trib- style but not exclusively trib. A download may also display female sexuality other than trib. DWW also plans to release productions created by other producers in this section.




Videos come in high quality WMV media files which are encoded in PAL at a data-rate of 640 kilobits per second and at 25 frames per second. All PC users can play the files. This results in large files which require a fast internet connection as I have already discussed. Due to the high quality, videos can be played perfectly in full screen if the user is using a PC with the minimum requirements (see website).



There are four different opening sizes available to start an Account:
  1. A small Trial Account of 5 Credits for US$ 16.97
  2. A Trial Account of 10 Credits for EUR 19.97
  3. A Bronze Account of 25 Credits for EUR 44.97
  4. A Silver Account of 50 Credits for EUR 79.97
  5. A Gold Account of 100 Credits for EUR 113.97

The six Tribgirls movies on a DVD are available for EUR 99.90


Final Word

I think one word that describes DWW and for me is ‘different.’ But different doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Many aspects of the website from the time credit system to the customer help desk are different from what I am used to with your standard membership site but certainly have their advantages once you get used to them. The site design and navigation could to with some work but it doesn’t detract significantly from the overall product.

The videos are high quality, high quantity and you can keep them and watch them anytime you want once you have downloaded them. Since is dedicated to tribadism content, you will find no shortage of it. The Tribadism is typically more aggressive than what I have seen before, but then again, different doesn’t mean bad. Aggressive trib also tends to be more energetic and in many cases more passionate. I wouldn’t be surprised if it grows on you as it has on me.


Sample Content

If you’re still a bit unsure of what kind of content you will find inside, don’t be disheartened as I was too at this point. Luckily, Tribgirls have been nice enough to supply us with some sample videos to give you a taste. I think you will find the style of content different, but I don’t think you will be disappointed (click on the thumbnails below to watch sample videos).


Tribgirls Sample Video Tribgirls Sample Video Tribgirls Sample Video Tribgirls Sample Video

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