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We are against any and all forms of copyright and intellectural property right infringement. If any of your content appears illegally on then it is an oversite on our part and you need only contact the webmaster at and it will be removed and replaced with a referring link to your website.

Our Content caters specifically to the Tribadism niche. We are a totally free site and do not charge membership fees. Our content primarily consists of thumbnails of and links to free hosted galleries. However, we also feature a number of embedded videos which is where there is potential for accidental copyright infringement.

Embedded Videos

We feature embedded videos on our website because the amount of tribadism content on the internet is limited and we want to present as much as possible of what is out there.

Embedded videos are videos which are hosted elsewhere and have the ability to be embedded into any website by copying and pasting a piece of html code into the webpage. The videos are hosted at adult video sharing sites, which are adult versions of Google's popular video sharing website 'Youtube.' There are many of these adult video sharing sites out there, the main ones are:

  • Pornotube
  • Youporn
  • Lesbiantube
  • Redtube
The video sharing sites allow users to create accounts and then upload videos as well as watch, rate and comment on other people's videos. The terms and conditions for uploading always state that no copyrighted material is allowed, but many videos still slip through.

Note that if we remove the video from our site, it will still be available on the video sharing site. You will need to contact them to have the video removed from the system entirely.

Video Adding Policy

First we will add all videos, then we will go back and remove offending videos in accordance with the policy below and replace them with a thumbnail and link to the owner's website.

If there is an identifiable watermark on the video indicating where it came from, we will remove the video from our website and contact the owners to alert them. However, oftentimes the video will be a scene from a larger video with no indication of where it came from, whether it is copyrighted or who owns it. In this case, we will leave the video up and remove it only if contacted.

We are enthusiastic about protecting people's intellectual property rights. We hope that the information, guidelines and policies set out above will assist content producers and owners to protect their material. If you have any suggestions or comments on how we can improve this process then please contact us:

Below is a list of all our embedded video pages. Please have a look through them to see if any of them are yours.





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