Hairy or Shaved for Tribadism

To shave or not to shave, that is the question.  Its a question for lovers the world over and likewise with lesbian lovers who want to try tribadism.  You guessed it, its another tribadism sex guide post, however this time I’ll try and work in a trib erotica angle to keep the other half of my readers happy as well.

Most tribadism involves hard and intense grinding of the genitals and this is especially true as your passion reaches its peak.  Foreplay is always a good idea to provide lubricant for smoother rubbing, and you can supplement with your own personal lubricants for better results. The aim is to make the friction as easy and stimulating as possible, therefore it makes sense that anything coming in between, such as a full grown bush, could cause irritation.  Always remember that nothing within these guides is true for everyone, but the majority of the sources I’ve seen have said that pubes tend to get in the way of tribadism.

Although I generally prefer completely shaved (my bf and I shave all of our pubic hair), this girl had a nicely trimmed, but somewhat long and fluffy “Mohawk.” Her hair felt really nice brushing against my bare mons–at least until it became sopping wet as we ground our way to mutual orgasm.” –Diane’s post (#14, March 17 2008) on  Of course, like I said, there are always exceptions which you should keep in mind.

The other half of this topic is whether you like to see hairy or shaved girls in lesbian porn in general, and tribadism specifically.  One of the first posts on the Tangle Cats blog is about this very subject, they talk about a hairy bush being something of a rareity these days in a ‘porn industry obsessed with pubic grooming.’ I usually go for shaved or a short trim, but as you know I’m definately a fan of keeping things fresh so anything that goes against the grain of the bulk of the porn industry is a good idea in my books even if I don’t personally enjoy it.


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HIV and STD’s from Lesbian Tribadism

This is the, somewhat overdue, first post in the Tribadism Techniques series. This is a VERY IMPORTANT section as it will help you to understand and hence prevent the health risks associated with Tribadism, however, if you are mainly here to enjoy Tribadism erotica then you need not read this post.

All bodily fluids including vaginal secretions and saliva can potentially contain STD organisms so any situation where these fluids are exchanged holds the potential for STD’s to be transmitted. However, you will find very little on the internet about these risks during Tribadism because whilst The National Institutes of Health recognises that vaginal-vaginal transmission is theoretically possible, the chances are generally thought to be insignificant.

Those who prefer total protection should use dental rubber dams or plastic wrap as barriers. An alternative is to engage in Tribadism while wearing a thong or other underwear which supposedly doesn’t decrease the excitement experienced during intercourse for most women.

For the most part, the risks are low and certainly much lower than most other sexual positions, but it never hurts to be aware of the risks. Be mindful before doing, for example, a “Quickie” with an unknown partner since there is always a danger of an infection possible, as little as it might be. The NIH also recommends that women should refrain from tribadism during menstruation or when vaginal infection or disease is present.


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About Tribadims; Lesbian Tribadism,

Q: Tribadism….please help…not many resources on this risk…, Ask the Experts about Safe Sex and HIV Prevention Q&A, The Body– the complete HIV/AIDS Resource.

Makeup Seduction: Sapphic Erotica- Review

I’m trialing a different type of review this time. Its a structured review with a number of headings for different aspects of the video where I will rate that aspect and write one or two lines about it.

Producer: Sapphic Erotica
Rating: 7.4/10
Sample Videos


A relatively short video at just over 16 minutes but with two beautiful girls who don’t dissapoint. Bailey makes a note that Rene wears her own clothes for this video which I think helped make the girls feel more comfortable and the lesbian sex more natural.

Lead Up (7/10)

This is where most Sapphic Erotica movies lack but I think this video did a good job of setting the scene in a relatively brief period. You can actually see the point where the action goes from two girls putting make-up on each other to two girls who want to fuck each other.

Lesbian Sex (8/10)

No toys in this movie which was good to see. The focus was on sensuous kissing, touching and licking with only a bit of fingering. There was a solid section of face straddling followed by 69ing, both positions produce what I love to see- close proximity pussy licking.

Closing (7/10)

Would’ve been nice to finish the scene more climactically with trib but it was good to see it at the end none the less.

Freshness (8/10)

I found the large amount of kissing and touching and the good quality trib to be quite fresh and kept me interested in watching.

Tribadism (7/10)
Quality: (4/5)
Length: (3/5)

lesbian dominant tribadism

Good tribbing section in the dominant scissors position. The girls are into it right from the start and it makes for good watching. Unfortunately only 1.5 mins long.

Best on Set (Rene)

This was hard to pick, both girls got into the trib, both girls were very cute and they were both great in the scene. I’ve given it to Rene for her cute panties and straddling Johanna at the start and her hard work when Johanna straddled her face.


Total Rating: 7.4/10

Certainly worth watching, especially if you’re into sensuous lesbian sex with lots of body on body stuff and kissing. Tribadism was high quality although could’ve been longer.

Video Information

Duration: 16:14
Models: Rene and Johanna
Trib: Dominant Scissors
Location: Bedroom, Indoors
Categories: Type – Girl/Girl, GG – Trib, GG – Kissing, Tag – Original, GG – Fingering, GG – Licking, GG – 69

The full video can be found at Sapphic Erotica, also you can see more of Rene and Johanna on

Tribadism Videos on Demand

I’ve just launched a new part of the website which I told you about in my last post; a Tribadism VOD (Video On Demand) Theatre.  It ended up taking a bit longer to release than I anticipated because I’ve been quite busy this past week.  The decision to create the theatre came about by accident when I realised that Hotmovies have over 420 video tagged with ‘Tribadism’ in their library.   I was already well aware that they sold Sappho Love Films and Napali Videos‘ productions but I didn’t think they would have much else.  Boy was I wrong.  Hotmovies provides the hosting and technical side of the theatre so I can focus on finding the best Tribadism content from within their database.  As this is still early days I don’t have many recommendations for good trib movies appart from the Sappho Love Films titles.  If you know of any good ones then let me know and I’ll try and get a review together.

Tribadism Forum News

In other news, we’ve just added a new section to the Tribadism Forum especially for Porn Bloggers.  Basically, I’m inviting lesbian porn bloggers to come and share some of their content with us on the forum.  These guys routinely scour the interent for the best content so they should be able to bring some valuable stuff to the forum and they’ll also get some free promotion in the process.  If you have a lesbian porn blog and would be interested in being involved you can find more details here.

New Tribadism Videos

I’ve slipped out of my 1-post-per-2-days routine, which I had stuck to since this blog’s conception, due to a number of tribadism video delivery developments for tribvids that are coming to maturity now. One of them, which you’ll see in this post, I’ve been working on for a little while and the other is something that I created out of the blue last night and I’ll explain that in my next post.

These new tribadism videos will be sets of sample videos which have been combined into singlular movies and embedded on tribvids pages to make them easier for viewing. I’m also adding buttons below them to the Tribadism forum and social bookmarking sites to help encourage more activity within the trib enthusiasts community. Heres a screen shot of one of the new tribbing videos below.

tribadism video screen shot

How do I do Tribadism?

This is a question I see asked a lot on forums that I visit.  As is the case with all Tribadism information, there isn’t much in the way of guidance and techniques out there.   There are many women who have heard about tribbing or seen it in videos and photos and want to learn how to do it so they can enjoy it too.  Starting next week I’ll be bringing you a series of articles describing and discussing various Tribadism techniques.

One thing I’ve noticed is theres no absoluate right and wrong way to do it and each technique has many variations for women of different shapes and sizes and stimulation preferences.  The most important thing  is to lean as much as you can and try differet techniques to see what works.  From what I’ve found, most lesbian and bisexual women either love it or hate it when it comes to Tribadism with very little in between ground.  Maybe some of them are just using the wrong techniques and so aren’t getting the greatest benefits.

At this point you’re probably thinking, ‘Wait a minute, you’re a guy, what would you know about doing Tribadism?’  Yes of course I’m not a women (unfortunatley :P) and I’ve never done Tribadism myself so I can’t possibly know exactly how to do it.   However, what I can do is use my skills in research, networking and writing to bring together information fom a number of sources and construct an interesting and informative article.  I’ve provided links to all of my sources below and I encourage you to follow the links and read up on the information provided if you want more information.

Articles in this Series

  1. HIV and STD’s from Tribadism
  2. Hairy or Shaved for Tribadism
  3. Lesbian Scissors Position

My Sources (for your information)

  1. About Tribadism–
  2. Ladies Lovin Ladies, A Guide to Going at it, Girl Style–
  3. Tribadism, oh its been so long–
  4. Positions for Lesbian Sex–
  5. Tribadism, by Ginny Walker-
  6. Cherrie’s Friday Positions: Tribbing–
  7. Home » Forums » Everything Else » Various » Tribadism? –
  8. Lesbian Sex: Tribadism… Rubbing Pleasure–

TRIB-0040 Julija vs Tanya_N: Tribgirls- Review

Producer: Tribgirls
Rating: (pending)

Tanya and Juliga put on a great show in this video which is a little short at 17 minutes but is a great watch none the less. Trib-0040 encapsulates a number of things that I really like to see in porn videos. One of which is the apparent unplanned nature of the positions and action undertaken throughout the passion. Sapphic Erotica, one of my other favourite Tribadism sites, promotes itself as providing natural and unplanned sex but I find that their videos obviously have quite a bit of guidance compared with Tribgirls videos such as this.

Lets start at the beginning. There isn’t much of a Pre-story for this video, the girls start off with a prolonged stare down which progresses into a playful argument. There are no subtitles so its impossible to know what they are saying but it appears to be a friendly comparison of who has the better tits and later pussies. The video description states that the video is “Not for those who like it more tenderley, but rather a serious trib competition,” but to me this is way off. I found the action to be much less aggressive than the typical Tribgirls production. Although its true theres not much tenderness throughout the video and that it is an erotic competition, the smiles and giggles at the begginning from both girls suggest to me that is was more a bit of friendly rivalry rather than a serious competition.

Another thing that featured in this video that I quite enjoy is different and interesting positions, keeping the content fresh. Right at the start of the action the girls are standing and wrestling with each other, having a kind of breast battle. Their bodies are aligned and pressed together and their pussies are bumping and grinding every now and then, treating us to the very rare standing position.

At one point during the tribadism on the bed, Tanya twists her body around and they grind in a position sort of halfway between sitting scissors and inverse scissors. Then she turns the full way around and they have a go at inverse scissors which is very erotic in my opinion. They even take it another step and do a position where they have their legs locked in the scissor position but they are both twisted around so they are ass to ass… now this is HOT! The level of intensity is kept high throughout almost the whole video and its great to watch the frantic nature of these two girls who obviously really want each other.

The climax wasn’t as climactic as I had hoped and was pretty much the same intensity as the rest of the video. Both girls were pretty although I thought that Julija was a bit too skinny, Tanya has nicer curves and a nice tan as well. Therefore best on set goes to Tanya for the better look and her creativeness in the tribbing, changing it up with a number of interesting and erotic positions.

The other customer reviews are mostly positive. The things they liked most were the efforts from both women and the eveness of the match. Both girls are left exhausted and panting at the end as testament to their long struggle. Some customers said that they didn’t like the fact that the entire video was tribadism and there wasn’t really much esle but I think that this negative was offset by the many different tribbing positions used.

Video Information

Duration: 17:13
Models: Julija and Tanya_N
Trib: Sitting Scissors, Open Scissors, Open/Sitting Scissors, Standing Tribadism, Inverse Tribadism, Ass 2 Ass
Location: Bedroom, Indoors

You can find the full video on Tribgirls

Real Sex in Porn vs Acting and Fake Orgasms

This is actually a very interesting question which has many aspects to it. I will try to put all my thoughts on the subject here and hopefully we can get some reader input in the comments below.

Many porn producers use the description of ‘Real Sex’ to bring customers in so it must have some value. The first line from Sapphic Erotica’s webmaster, Bailey, on their ‘About’ page is, ‘What I like to see are pretty girls kissing and actually having sex with each other.’ The thought and the knowledge that the sex is really real certainly has a drawing effect which makes porn much more enjoyable to watch. However, we can pretty much all attest that the sex we see in porn is actually nothing like real life sex, as this discussion explores, and the porn industry doesn’t deny this. So what is this ‘Real Sex’ that we desire to see.

There’s an heated discussion about this on LezLove in regards to Abby Winters, an amatuer porn site that also plugs the ‘Real Sex’ aspect of their videos. When people watch porn they usually expect to see more than simply two people having sex infront of a camera, although there is a ‘home movies’ niche which provides exactly that. I think that people want to see videos where the participants are truely enjoying the sex as much as people in real life enjoy sex but they want it presented in a way which is most stimulating for them. This creates an interesting dilemma, as there are certain positions that a very enjoyable for the participants but don’t look like much on camera and vica versa. The director needs to make a decision about how much of a trade off to make between real sex and good visuals to produce the best product.

Is there a difference between sex that looks real and sex that is real? If the performance is significantly good to be beleivable, will the knowledge that its not actually real devalue the video? I would like to say yes but if we look at mainstream movies then the answer is obviously no, is it different for porn? Everybody knows that the Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker aren’t real people but that doesn’t mean the Star Wars isn’t enjoyable. However, despite what the characters in Boogie Nights want us to beleive, porn models are not actors. They may be able to throw in some fake moans here and there but I think it would take a very gifted and dedicated performer to reproduce the passion of really real sex and make it believable.

Even though there isn’t much Tribadism content in porn I’ve seen it mentioned in a few places that it is still over-represented in porn compared to the amount in real life.  Therefore, in order to get the amount of Trib that we do see, some models must be faking it or they’ll do it but not get much out of it which is the opposite of what we want.

Sensitive Tribbing: Sapphic Erotica- Review

Producer: Sapphic Erotica
Rating: (pending)

This Sapphic Erotica video starts off with two girls talking in quiet whispers on the bed. It would’ve been nice if I knew what they were saying because dirty talk is something that its typically missing from Sapphic Erotica productions. I was looking forward to watching and reviewing this movie because, as you may have noticed, it has ‘Tribbing’ in the title, suggesting that its more Tribadism orientated that their other vids.

However, despite the title, dildos are the primary focus of the video rather than Tribbing. Normally I’m not a big fan of toys but I haven’t found it a problem with Sapphic Erotica because they use them sparingly throughout their videos so it actually makes a nice change when they’re featured. The girls also managed to find a few varied positions to use them in which kept things interesting.

Both girls are good looking, Melissa is a stunning blonde and Olivia is a dark redhead. We don’t get to have a good look at Olivia’s face until well into the video which is a pitty because she is very cute. She is also by far the more vocal of the two and we are treated to her passionate moans throughout. She also gets quite into it, closing her eyes and twisting and pulling her nipples, trying to help herself get off as Melissa devours her pussy.

The Tribadism stint is a bit over a minute long and is the best I’ve seen from SE so far (although this is only my 3rd review). The girls position their pussies against one another, lay back into the open scissors position and go at it quite energetically. The video description says they “trib to loud orgasms” but I didn’t think their level of enjoyment was much higher than the rest of the video. I’m still waiting to see a video where they really build up to a climax and cum through trib, but this video was definately on the right track.

Best on set is a close call but would have to go to Olivia for vocal and passionate performance throughout. I would’ve liked to see some of the dildoing time taken up by more tribbing, but apart from that it was a solid video.

Video Information

Duration: 24:35
Models: Melissa and Olivia
Trib: Open Scissors
Location: Bedroom, Indoors
Categories: Type – Girl/Girl, GG – Trib, Tag – Exclusive, GG – Toys, GG – Fingering, GG – Licking, GG – 69

The full video can be found at Sapphic Erotica, also you can see more of Melissa on

TRIB-0001 Eva_N vs Sarah: Tribgirls- Review

Producer: Tribgirls
Rating: (pending)

This is my first review of a Tribgirls video, however I have done an overall Tribgirls and DWW review which can be found in the Trib Info section of the website.

Eva N and Sarah are two of the hottest Tribgirls models and they are in a number of productions together. The video is a good length at 23 1/2 minutes and costs 6 credits. Eva is wearing a tight fitting aerobics outfit and Sarah a hot school girls uniform. The video has a simple plot, like most Tribgirls videos the models have an argument which leads to a fight and some wresting then the action makes an awkward progression to become aggressive sex which both girls seem to enjoy.

If you’ve seen Tribgirls before then you’ll know that most of the models are Eastern European and don’t speak English. Some of the videos, such as this one, have english subtitles but its not the same as hearing it first hand. There is kissing in this video, at first its almost painful to watch but as the sex turns to passionate the kissing gets better and better until its almost at the level of Sapphic Erotica (one of the best kissing sites IMO).

One thing I like to see in porn is a storyline before the foreplay even starts. I find its easier to get into the scene and enjoy it if I have a fair idea of where the girls came from, how they got here and why are they having sex. This is missing from Sapphic Erotica where the girls jump straight into the foreplay and sex as soon as the video starts. Tribgirls is much better as they usually have a pre amble and plot that carries throughout the whole video. However, I often feel alienated when the girls go from a heated argument to passionate sex. It’s not a natural progression and is difficult to follow, leading to much of the attentiveness and interest built up in the first part of the video being lost.

The tribadism in this video is something to behold. The girls go from fully clothed tribbing to semi naked to fully naked, each time putting in a little pussy grinding action. Throughout the video, legs are locked in both the dominant and sitting scissor positions, the dominant is especially good with Eva on top grinding away and Sarah gazing up into her eyes with a look of real lust. The rare missionary position is also used as well as one of my faviourites; cowgirl. The positions change regularly, giving each girl a turn on top, but not so regularly that we don’t get to see the passion building between the two girls.

When they are not tribbing they are breast to breast, thigh to thigh, thigh to pussy or full body on body with plenty of kisses. At one point Sarah straddles Eva’s face, forcing the slim blond to take a mouthful of her wet pussy. It was very hot and a great way to mix up the action, Sarah returned the favour a few minutes later.

Once the girls find their prefered position we are treated to a tribadism finish as they’re meant to be. The grinding, moaning and whimpering get progressively louder and more passionate as the girls near their orgasms. Eva’s tits bounce up and down as she grabs a handful of Sarah’s ass and grinds her way to extasy.

Best on set goes to Sarah for her better acting, cute school girl outfit and lovemaking creativity. The other customer reviews (available on Tribgirls website) were mostly positive, one person expressed the complaint that there wasn’t many closeups which I agree the video was lacking. Although it would be very difficult to get those shots amongst the aggressive lovemaking in this video.

Video Information

Duration: 23:37
Models: Eva N and Sarah
Trib: Sitting Scissors, Dominant Scissors, Missionary, Cowgirl
Location: Living Room Floor

The full video plus many more tribadism productions can be found at Tribgirls.