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About TribVids

Hello everyone, my name is Matt Slogan and I own and run TribVids.com. I started TribVids.com in late 2007 because I noticed a distinct lack of websites dedicated to the wonderful act of Tribadism.

Since its original creation the site has undergone several changes including the addition of the Tribadism Forum in May 2008 (located at tribadismforum.com until recently) and the Tribbing Videos blog in mid 2008 as well as two major redesigns, the most recent being completed in March 2009. We are now a comprehensive content and community site with information pages, reviews, video galleries, a busy blog and a forum.

Iíve collected a huge number of lesbian sample clips, including tribadism, some of which are available free for your enjoyment in the video galleries. You can find the rest as well as new ones as I discover them by checking out and subscibing to the Tribbing Videos blog.

For those looking for the finer tribadism content, we have a Featured Producers section with links to reviews and information about our three favourite tribadism producers. You can also check out the forum to see which videos the community is suggesting.

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions, comments or concerns about the website. I can be reached in several ways, the easiest of which is a simple email to webmaster(at)tribvids(dot)com. You can also head to the forum and engage in a discussion with the wider community or PM (private message) me directly [Note: you must be a registered forum member (free) to do this].