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Tribadism Paysites

“As a member, you have the opportunity to download stills and video clips from the ever-growing JMR catalog of hard-hitting, erotic fighting female productions, such as THE LONG AFTERNOON, the CATFIGHT COVE series, CHEST GAMES, and THE CHALLENGE! See such battling beauties as Jewell Marceau, Venus De Light, Christine Dupree, Francesca Le', Diana Knight, and Alexis Taylor in adults-only combat!”


Similar to California Wildcats and Chickfight, JM Rolen produces Female Fighting videos and pictures from a variety of scenarios: everything from catfights to fistfights, from boxing to sex fighting!.

I find the website to be quite difficult to navigate and there is not much general information about the company. The JMRolen group seems to be made up of a number of sites:, and a store at


As with the other female fighting sites, the Trib you will find at JMRolen is mostly Aggressive and in the sexfighting form. Threads at both LezLove Video and Sexboards suggest that the site is held in quite high regards by tribadism enthusiasts.


JMRolen has DVD's, pictures, artwork, magazines and downloadable videos available through a variety of channels. The DVD's can be purchased from the website ( for around $40 each. Each DVD has a description, screen caps and a sample clip for you to browse before making decisions to purchase. also has a membership area where you can download exclusive monthly features, photo galleries and video clips shot especially for the members section. You also get to view and download artwork by J.M. Rolen, A. Leslie, Byron and other artists, including rare images from JMR's files and unreleased drawings. Subscription rates for the JMR membership site are $18.95 for 30 days of full site access, with recurring billing of $16.95 every 30 days afterwards. You also can choose from two non-recurring subscription periods of 90 days or 180 days. Subscriptions can be paid for by either credit card or online check.

JMRolen TV is another avenue for accessing JMRolen products. Videos can by downloaded via VOD (video on demand) or the Clips Theatre. You can also sign up for a membership which gets you discounts on downloades.

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